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How to Make Money Online—A Step-By-Step Guide

(This post was updated on 1-11-17–the updated part will be noted in the post.)

To me, the real title of this post, should be, HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS ONLINE

But, I know most people starting out online—just want to make money.

And while there is nothing wrong with this—I cannot stress this enough—you need to focus on building long term assets.


By asset I am referring to something you own.

An asset is NOT some content you put up on a free service.

I say this because, you cannot sell this—if you needed to.


For sake of example, we will say that you started a blog on dog training.

You registered a domain name—and wrote serious content—for ninety days.

At this point you found out that—it simply was not working—and this will happen.

However, at this point, since you own the site—you decide that since you put a lot of time and energy into it, and it is getting some good traffic—you are going to sell it.

You list it, and sell it—we will say, in a week.

You did not get much for it—but you made back your investment—plus a tiny profit.

Money you can use—to start another site.


If you did this same thing on a free service—well, you would be out of luck.

O.K rant over.

But I hope you see my point.



You read that right

I said forget the gurus



I cannot tell you how many times I read—when I was just starting out—do not go into your favorite hobby.

Are you kidding me?

What if you had acne as a teenager and found natural ways of getting rid of it?

I can tell you—people would pay for that information.

Or let’s say you are good with crafts

I can tell you there is a market for crafts.

Now to be fair, some hobbies are not as easy.

Take the bodybuilding niche—on the surface it sounds good.

After all, you can sell the expensive supplements—but, I have a friend who is big in this niche.

And this is what he told me,

Not many young kids will spend money on hardcore bodybuilding information.


The better choice is to sell to the fitness crowd—you know more of the cover model look—muscular and lean—but not crazy big.

So, you would be better off promoting—a product like the one you will find  HERE.

Rather than something that promises crazy muscle gains.


This may seem contrary to what other people recommend, but, trust me, as someone who made all the mistakes starting out—this is what I recommend.

Before you pick your niche, I want you to do some thinking.

On what?


What kind of business do you want?

If you are thinking—what the heck are you talking about—I want to make money on line.



Here is the thing.

You can have a blog.


You can have a niche site.


If you are someone like me,

Who likes the idea of having one project to work on—and will not—get bored easily.

Go for the blog.


However, if you are someone who likes to always have something new to work on.

Go with the niche site idea.

When you get good building niche sites—you can put one up pretty quickly.

So, you can build an empire of niche sites.


Neither approach is right or wrong—they both work—and will continue to work.



Your first assignment is to think about which business model will work best for you.



This is where so many beginning marketers get stuck,

They keep looking for the perfect niche.

I must tell you that it does not exist.

Trust me,

If there is no one in a niche—then there is no money in it.

Yes, competition is a good thing.

It means people are making money in the niche.


If you are like me, and have decided to go with the blog idea—I would pick a hobby that you really love—and go for it.

Using myself as an example,

I would do fitness and weight loss.

I have always loved keeping is shape and since I am constantly reading about new ways to eat to stay healthy,

I have a never ending—well almost—amount of stuff to write about.

So, if you have a favorite hobby—go for it.




If you are saying,


I really do not have a hobby.


No problem,

Just make a change—and go into the niche site business.



For my money—a good quality niche site—is around thirty pages.

Yes, but, thirty pages of high quality information.

Information that is evergreen.

Meaning the it will still be relevant ten years from now.

So, once you crack out the thirty pages—or pay someone to write it for you—you are done with the site.

And do not worry as I have the ideal way or promoting these sites,

Which I will get into later.


The first place to look for niche site topics—is yourself.


So, you may not have a hobby.


I am sure the you are interested in a few things.

So, pick one of those and go for it.

If not, simply head on over to amazon.

And type in anything you can think of—and you will get tons of ideas.

The next place is ezine articles.

Yes, article marketing may not be what it used to be—but again—it still works if you keep at it.


Article directories are gold—when it comes to getting ideas for what to write about.

I know some people say that all you need to do is look at the amount of views an article has gotten,

But, I do not like this approach because I feel—and this is just me—that article views can be faked.

Your best bet is to look at the top authors in each category—and you can bet if someone has penned several hundred articles on a topic—you know they are making money from it.

Another great place to use for blog posts—and article ideas—is Quora.

Quora—is a question and answer site—and again, like EZINE ARTICLES if there are tons of questions on a topic—then you know—chances are that there is money in the niche.

To check out QUORA—please click— HERE.



As far as going with the blog,

Simply choose around five categories—and you are all set.

And I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that since this is your hobby—you already know what categories to have on the blog.

However, if you are thinking—what should I do.

I will give you an example.

This is for fitness and weight loss.

Your categories can be something like.

Low carb diets, fitness product reviews, diet and weight loss book reviews, the paleo diet, etc.

Now those are just examples—but it will give you something to go on.


Taking from the fitness and weight loss blog example above, a blog, will cover every aspect of a niche,

From product reviews—to different diets, basically you would write about anything any everything that is going on in that niche.

However, a niche site will cover just one aspect of it.

So, from the example above, you could just pick one of those categories—like the paleo diet, and cover it in depth—for your niche site.


For me,

With my blogs,

I always posted Monday thru Friday and took the weekends off.

For religious reasons—I never post on Sunday.


I would do a Saturday post when I had the time.

As far as the niche site.

I would get ten good articles done—and then publish them.

Then every month I would add 5 to ten more articles until I reached thirty.

Now this number is not set in stone,

If you feel after the first ten—that you covered it very well, then stop.


You can add 100 articles to the niche site,

If that is what it takes to cover the topic well.


Just like in real-estate where it is location-location-location.

When it comes to internet marketing,

It is,

Promotion, promotion, promotion.

Now for the blog,

It is essential that you have a Facebook page made up for it.

Along with a Twitter page.

And I also like to have a LinkedIn account set up for it as well.

I know,

That there are more sites—but those are the ones I use.

Then every time you update the blog—you can add a little snippet on your Facebook page, twitter account and LinkedIn account—along with any other places you have set up.

This will help send traffic back to your blog.

As far as the niche site.

Given the way you are going to be posting content—I do not feel that it is necessary to have things like Facebook and twitter for it.


One thing that is a must in my opinion—after you finish publishing your first ten pages of GOOD content,

Write a Press Release—or have someone write a Press Release about your site.

My favorite place to use for press releases is PRWEB—which you can check out by going HERE.

They are the top place for press releases.

Yes, they are expensive—but a good press release will send your niche site traffic for a long time to come.

Then every time you reach a milestone—like thirty pages, fifty pages, and one hundred pages—I would do another press release.

This will help to keep the traffic flowing in.

The real beauty of this approach, is that, once your press release is out there—you are done—you could technically walk away from the site—and still get some traffic.


There are three more very easy things you can do—that will help you bring in targeted traffic.

The first one—and it is my favorite—is to set up a google alert for your site.

So, for example, if your niche site is on weight loss,

Some of your keywords would be,

How to lose weight, weight loss, weight loss information, etc.

Then you would set it,

To receive alerts as they happen.

And when someone posts something about one of those keywords, you will get an alert.

Then you simply write a comment about the post—and of course you would leave link back to the correct page on your site.

And trust me, the traffic will come in.

Another place you can go is QUORA

Sign up and link your site to QUORA—and then just ask and answer questions.

I wouldn’t put a link back to your site, in your answers, right away.

Give it time,

Build up some credibility

And then you can slip a link in every-now-and-then.

The last place is popular forums in your niche.

I know a lot of forums do not allow you to have a sig file


If you look around, you should be able to find one—and again, just like QUORA, do not do it right away.

Take the time to give good advice—build up your credibility in the forum and then and only then—should you put a link back to your site in your sig file.

And even at that, do not make it too much—something general—do not make it look like you are selling stuff.


Always keep an eye out for new sites that you can use to get traffic to your sites.

Every so often do a google search on your main keyword and see what comes up in the top ten.

Can you post to any of those sites?


An easy way to get some traffic from YOUTUBE is to simply write an article and then use one of the article to video makers—that will turn your article into a video very quickly.

This is one product that I like –to check it out please go HERE.


All products that I use and recommend, can be found in the resource section at the end of this post.

Then simply up load—and you are good.


This approach will not get you too much traffic—but hey anything you get is better than nothing.


For both your blog and niche site—it really is almost required at this point to have a professional header graphic made.

Along with a Facebook Page cover made.


I like to use an avatar for places like twitter and forums.

I use fiver—which you can check out by going HERE.


It is an added expense but, trust me, your niche site and blog will look so much better for it.


If you have noticed,

I have not mentioned anything about getting rankings in the search engines.

And if you noticed this,

You would be right.

The reason for this,

Goes back to what I said at the beginning of this post.

About building a business online.

And getting a top ranking—while nice—to me is not good business.



When I start something, I want it to be steady.

Even if my niche site—only makes me ten dollars a day—that is still three-hundred a month.

And if I do it without needing to rely on a top ranking—I will know that pretty much I can count on that amount coming in month after month.

Oh, sure.

Some will be more, and some less—but in general I will know that I can count on that money coming in.

In my opinion, if someone promises you top rankings—you can use that for extra income,

But I would not count on it.


If you are like me, and go for the blog,

You really do not need to worry about traffic—as it will build as you write more posts.

For your niche site or sites—it is really simple.

And I am embarrassed to admit that it took me so long to figure it out.

If you just dedicate an hour or two per day—five to six days per week.

You will see your traffic increase—slow and steady.

And for a niche site—you really do not need a ton of traffic to make good money.

You can have ten of these up—and just keep working on them—and if each one does an average of ten dollars a day—you will be making three-thousand a month.

Of course,

Some will do more, some will do less—however, you can always keep the ones that do well and sell the ones that do not.

And that is money that you can invest in more niche sites.

Of course,

If you find one that does really well—you can always build it out to the point where it has one hundred pages or more.


I use and recommend AWEBER—every time I have had a problem—they have taken care of it for me.

However, I must admit, that I have not had luck in building a list on my blogs—but you may have more luck than I.

It does not have to be complicated, say you are running a blog on organic gardening.

You can create a seven-day mini course that teaches you how to grow the best tomatoes you ever had.

Same goes for the niche site,

You can have an exit pop-up that does the same.


Please do not be like me and be intimidated by places like AWEBER—they have tutorials—and you can always email them if you have any questions.


For both nice sites and blogs,

You can use AdSense—which pays you when someone clicks on an ad.

You can find out more about AdSense by going HERE.

Then there is clickbank—I like this place the best.

You can learn more and sign up for a clickbank account by clicking—HERE.

As it is easy to sign up—and here is one thing that I wish I knew in the beginning, there is a site called

CB ENGINE—you can go there by clicking HERE.

There you can search for products on clickbank—but here is the thing—you can search for products that have recurring billing—meaning you get paid every month for as long as someone is member of the service.

So, these are the products you want to put on your niche site or blog.

To be honest, you can also go with CPA offers—CPA offers are basically offers where you get paid when someone does something—like give an email or sign up for a free trial of something.

To check out all of the CPA offers in one place head on over to the site you will find—HERE.

They also show offers from clickbank as well.

Honestly, I never really could find any CPA offers that I felt comfortable promoting so I stayed away from them—but I know people are having great success with this—so it is worth at least a look.


Above is everything you need to build a profitable online—BUSINESS.

Yes, I always stress the word BUSINESS

Because, even though it is online—it is no different than a brick and mortar BUSINESS.

You need to think about always building assets—and building a long term business.

With that thought in mind, below I am going to give you a list of things you need—if you really want to starting building a true BUSINESS online.



I use and recommend HOSTGATOR—which you can check out by clicking—HERE

I have used them for years—and am not planning to change any time soon.



They have twenty-four-hour live chat—and trust me, I have used this more than I care to admit.


I use AWEBER—just like HOSTGATOR—I have used them for years and I am not planning to change.

Every time,

I have a problem; they fix it for me—with no problems.

With this said, I am now going to do something weird.

I am going to tell you to hold off on going this route until you have a good thirty posts on your blog—and you are getting into a good rhythm.

Or if you go the niche site route—get one site up and running for a good month—BEFORE—you get into building your list.

I am not saying that building a list is not important—because it is.


Get things going first—do not spread yourself too thin at first—and stop because you are overwhelmed.

To check out AWEBER—please click—HERE.


(Last updated on 1-11-17)

I know it seems funny—but there is only so much I can put into one post—however, if you really want to increase your knowledge of affiliate marketing—and making money online—I cannot recommend—

AFFILORAMA  and GOOGLE SNIPER 3.0 enough—trust me—if you are serious—join–either program—you will be very glad you did.

To learn more about GOOGLE SNIPER 3.0


To learn more about AFFILORAMA —please click—HERE.


If you are looking for a quality wordpress theme—

I use and recommend the THESIS THEME

To check them out—please go HERE.


If you are like me a simply want an easy way of turning your articles—and even blog posts into videos,

Then you need to check out the software you will find by going—HERE.


There you have it,

I know this was a long post, but, trust me, if you are serious about building a true online BUSINESS,

Then everything you need is right here.

Just dig in—and start building your own online BUSINESS.

Need help—or simply have a question?


Just send me an email—which you can find up at the contact page of this blog—and I will help you out!


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